About Me

About Me -Mia Morin

Hi! I’m Mia Morin.

I’m a Canadian writer and blogger who enjoys playing at online casinos in Ontario as a fun hobby. If you’re new here, welcome to my blog!

If this isn’t your first time, welcome back! Here’s a bit about me and my blog if you’re wondering who I am and why I started Mia’s iGaming Journey.

Why I started my blog

I decided to use my experiences as a new online casino player to rekindle another hobby I enjoy that I’d let fall by the wayside – writing for myself.  I love writing and knew since grade 3 that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. While I do write professionally for a living, it’s not the same as writing what I want for myself. I did some blogging in the past and had a blast doing it. Although I’d been meaning to get back into personal writing, I never found the right motivation to take that first step.

Recording my journey as a new online casino player in Ontario (the only province in Canada – so far – to have a fully regulated iGaming market) gave me the drive I needed to start writing for me again. Another motivation was thinking that perhaps if I shared my newbie experiences, others who are thinking about playing at or are new to Ontario online casinos, might find what I had to share interesting, helpful, or even relatable.

What my blog’s about

Mia’s iGaming Journey is about my experiences at online casinos in Ontario. I’m an average Canadian woman in my 30s who enjoys occasional gambling for the entertainment value. Mostly, I enjoy playing online slots, but I’m also up for other casino gaming experiences as well when I want to try something new.

I typically write about:

Play'n Go - Moon Princess Slot - Playing from my computer - Mia Morin - MGJ
  • New experiences
  • Games I play
  • Games I’m interested in playing
  • Games I don’t like
  • Game providers
  • The Ontario iGaming industry
  • Other online (and offline) industry stuff
  • Responsible gambling
  • Tips
  • Random stuff I find interesting

Pretty much, I write about anything that catches my interest and would like to share. This being said, I do welcome comments and am open to topic suggestions if you’d like me to look into and share my thoughts on something else. 😊

Beyond that, I have no interest in becoming a pro gambler or sharing pro advice. I also don’t make specific online casino recommendations. The internet is already saturated with sites offering pro tips, casino/game/bonus reviews, game guides, etc. That’s not what my blog is about.

Other stuff about me

I’ve lived in Ontario all my life and currently reside just outside of Toronto with my husband (Justin), our goofy and tries-to-eat-everything golden retriever (Snickers), and super saucy orange tabby cat (Oslo).

In addition to playing casino games and writing, other things I enjoy include:

Though I don’t owe anyone an explanation, I’m sharing my choice because I know that readers/followers like to put a face to the name, and its common for bloggers to post photos of themselves to build a connection with their community. I get that, it makes sense, and I apologize if that is something you prefer. For now, my blog is exclusively about my thoughts and opinions on my iGaming journey in Ontario. As such, I don’t feel like my face has any impact on the experiences I share. If one day I 180 Mia’s iGaming Journey into a “Pictures of Mia Morin’s Reactions to Playing Casino Games” blog, then I’ll consider some changes. 😆 Until then, I hope you understand and thank you if you do.

I want to know about your iGaming experiences, too!

While my blog is all about my experiences, I would love to hear about yours as well.  I welcome you to comment on my posts and share your thoughts and opinions. I genuinely believe that one of the best ways to get the most satisfying entertainment out of online gambling is learning about and relating to the experiences of others.    

With that said, I hope you feel you know a little more about me and enjoy following my iGaming journey!

💜 Mia 💙

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