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Sweet Alchemy Slots - My Favourite game- Screenshots from Play'n GO - MGJ
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I have a favourite, do you?

I’ve now played all three of the Sweet Alchemy slots that have been released so far in this online slots series by Play’n GO.

Hands down, my favourite one of the bunch is the original, Sweet Alchemy. Why? That’s what this post is all about. Keep on reading for details on each of the three Sweet Alchemy slots and why the original one is my top go-to game of the series.

Sweet Alchemy slots – what they’re all about

All the Sweet Alchemy slots have the same theme, which is a combination of magic, candy, witches/alchemists, anime. The overall vibe of the games is similar to another anime-style Play’n GO online slot series, Moon Princess (which is very obviously inspired by Sailor Moon) that I also happen to like.

The Sweet Alchemy slots also have the same type of game grid, cascading wins, free spins, win multipliers and bonus games. Aside from what’s similar, here’s a look at each game’s general game facts and the overall gist about their gameplay:

Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy - Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy – Screenshot – Play’n GO

General Gameplay Facts

Sweet Alchemy starts with a quick tutorial for those who have never played the game (this can be skipped at any time, and you can check off a box so the game doesn’t show it again when you play the next time).

Sweet Alchemy - Screenshot of base game - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy – Screenshot – Play’n GO

Once the game starts, you’ll see a 5×5 grid covered in various colourful candy symbols. To the left of the grid is a Sugar Rush Meter and to the right is Candy, a friendly-looking witch dressed in pink. When you activate the game, the grid clears and new symbols fall from the top of the grid. Any winning symbol from your spin contributes to the Sugar Rush Meter. The meter clears with each new game round. As the meter fills, special wilds are created by Candy and are added to the reels to boost more potential wins. There are three types of wilds:

  • Regular Wild – Replaces any symbol.
  • Striped Wilds – Removes an entire row or column when this wild is part of a win.
  • Dotted Wilds – Removes all instances of a random symbol when this wild is part of a win.

If the Sugar Rush Meter is filled with 38 symbols in a single game round, the Mix the Elixir Free Round triggers, expanding the grid from 5×5 to 9×9. During this round, up to 7 Candy Spells can be awarded. There are three Candy Spells that can be conjured by Candy. They include:

  • Mixed Candy – Symbols on the grid are shuffled.
  • Sweet Surprise – 7 to 12 of any of the three types of wild symbols appear on random positions.
  • Sugar Bombs – 7 to 15 normal symbols are selected at random and destroyed.

After the Mix the Elixir Free Round you move on to the Elixir of Power bonus game where you uncover chocolate squares to reveal elixirs. Matching 3 of the same elixir awards that elixir’s win multiplier.

Sweet Alchemy - Screenshot of map - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy – Screenshot – Play’n GO

Once you complete the Free Round collection, you will progress along the Map. You are awarded a treasure chest every 3 levels on the Map, and each treasure chest contains a cash prize.

Sweet Alchemy 2

Sweet Alchemy 2 - Screenshot Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 2 – Screenshot – Play’n GO

General Gameplay Facts

Sweet Alchemy 2 also features Candy as its main character. Like the first game, she works her magic from the right side of the grid. However, unlike the original slot, there is no Sugar Rush Meter, the base game features a 9×9 grid, and this time around most of the game’s symbols are hidden under chocolate squares, known as Chocolate Blockers. During each game round, scoring cascade wins will eliminate Chocolate Blockers and new symbols will take their place to increase winning chances.

Sweet Alchemy 2 - Screenshot of Base Game Chocolate Bars - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 2 – Screenshot – Play’n GO
  • Gobstopper – a Permanent Wild that continues to generate new wins until no more are possible.
  • Striped Treat – Explodes either horizontally or vertically when it is part of a winning cluster.

If you manage to clear the entire grid of Chocolate Blocker symbols (not an easy feat as this is a highly volatile game), you’ll get 4 Free Spins. Mega Symbols (2×2 size) may also appear during this feature. If all blockers are eliminated during the free spins, 4 extra spins will be awarded and larger Mega Symbols (3×3 size) will be unlocked for even more winning opportunities. If all blockers are eliminate again, another 4 spins and a 4×4 size Mega Symbol can be unlocked in a final round.

Sweet Alchemy 2 - Screenshot of Bonus Rules - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 2 – Play’n GO

During the free spins, a meter appears on the side of the screen, and you can collect random high and low-paying symbols. When a required number of symbols are collected, you win a potion bottle. Each potion bottle awards a spin in the Bonus Round, a bonus game that occurs after the Free Spins round. In the Bonus Round a wheel with different coloured segments spins, giving you the chance to score up to a 25x Win Multiplier, multiplying your initial bet 25x.

Sweet Alchemy 100

Sweet Alchemy 100 - Screenshot Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 100 – Screenshot – Play’n GO

General Gameplay Facts

Unlike the other two Sweet Alchemy slots, the latest game in the series doesn’t feature Candy. Instead, we’re introduced to her three little sisters: Cherry, Berry, and Apple. Like the other games, the witches (only one witch appears at a time) hover to the right of the reel grid and there is a Trinity Meter to the left of the grid.

Sweet Alchemy 100 - Screenshot of base game - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 100 – Screenshot – Play’n GO

Each witch has her own powers. In this game, their witch powers can be activated when an unsuccessful spin results. Any of the witches will contribute various effects randomly to help increase winning potential. For instance:

🍒Cherry – Converts 1 set of symbols.

🫐Berry – Gifts 1 or 2 wild symbols.

🍏Apple – Removes 2 sets of symbols.

When the Trinity Meter is filled the Trinity feature is triggered. Once triggered, the multiplier resets and a single free spin is activated where all three witches perform their power. If the grid is cleared during the Trinity feature, this will trigger the Free Spins round.

Sweet Alchemy 100 - Screenshot of three witches - Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy 100 – Screenshot – Play’n GO

In the Free Spins round, the multiplier from the Trinity feature carries over. You start by picking the witch you prefer. Cherry awards 4 spins, Berry awards 5, and Apple awards 8. The chosen witch’s power activates on every non-winning spin.

Why the original is my favourite of the Sweet Alchemy slots series, so far

I like the original Sweet Alchemy best for its appearance, sound effects, the fun gameplay, and its features. Though when first loading the game the tutorial that pops up might make you think the game will be daunting to play, personally, I found it to be quite easy. Right from my first spin I was enchanted by the game and found it quite immersive. I like that you don’t have to play long for action to happen or even to fill the Sugar Meter. The Mix the Elixir Free Round followed by the Elixir of Power Bonus mini game is a thrill and the more you progress along the map and open treasure chests, the greater your chances of unlocking chests for a cash prize.😊

Sweet Alchemy Slots - Screenshots from Play'n GO - MGJ
Sweet Alchemy Slots – Screenshots from Play’n GO

Sweet Alchemy 2 is my least favourite in the Sweet Alchemy slots series. The chocolate-covered grid in the game (though an interesting and exciting concept to me at first) really started to annoy me after a while. Continuously watching those chocolate blocks disappear but never fully clear from the grid after several spins made the gameplay a little tedious, and I quickly became bored.🙄 It’s also a high volatility game (the highest of the bunch) and, to be fair, I’m not typically a fan of really high volatility slots.

Sweet Alchemy 100 was certainly fun to play and a definite upgrade from Sweet Alchemy 2, in my books. The trouble I had with it is that it was a little too much like Moon Princess 100 to feel truly original enough to beat out the original Sweet Alchemy game for me. 🤷‍♀️

There you have it, my opinion on the Sweet Alchemy slots series.

What about you? Do you like this series and do you have a favourite game? Or is there another online slots series you like better? I’d love to know! Leave a comment or connect with me on social media and share your thoughts there.😁

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

*I am not affiliated with Play’n GO.

**All links and images in this post are for information purposes only.

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