Sweet Alchemy – My Favourite Casino Game for July 2023

Sweet Alchemy online slot - Play'n GO - MGJ
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Another Play’n GO slot is my top pick for July.

Yup, the big winner for me for July was Sweet Alchemy. Believe it or not, but I was genuinely surprised that my favourite was another online slot from Play’n Go.

Right, so just like last time when I revealed what my favourite game of the month was, I won’t be providing a traditional review of Sweet Alchemy. I’ll just provide some general game facts (in case you haven’t played it yet) and details on things I found interesting. Also, remember that the info/details I’ll include here are related to the game I played at an Ontario online casino. As such, this information may be different in other jurisdictions, due to different regulators having different rules.

Sweet Alchemy - Screenshot of Game Logo - Play'n GO - MGJ
Screenshot of Sweet Alchemy Logo – Play’n GO

Sweet Alchemy – General Gameplay Facts

Sweet Alchemy is a 5×5 grid slot with a cartoon/anime-magic/witch-candy theme. A variety of different colourful candies make up the symbols on the reels. To the right of the grid is a cute witch clad in pink standing behind a cauldron. To the left of the grid is a treasure chest and above it is the Sugar Rush Meter, which is similar to the Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Runic Charge Meter, where every winning symbol contributes to the meter. The Sugar Rush Meter resets after every game round.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of base game - MGJ

Landing 4 or more matching symbols creates a cluster win and will contribute to the Sugar Rush Meter. The winning symbols disappear on the grid and are immediately replaced by new symbols that fall into place. This will continue until no new wins appear. With each win in the same game round, the Sugar Rush Meter fills, and special wilds are added to the reels (there are 3 different types of wilds – Regular Wilds, Striped Wilds, and Dotted Wilds).

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Sugar Rush Meter & Wilds - MGJ

If the meter fills to the top during a single game round, this will trigger the Mix the Elixir Free Round featuring up to 7 Candy Spells. Once complete, you move on to the Elixir of Power Bonus, a mini game where you need to uncover 3 or more of the same potions hidden behind chocolate squares to get the corresponding prize. Completing this round will lead to you progressing along the map where its possible to unlock treasure chests for a cash prize.  

Confused? Not to worry, in addition to the game’s paytable explaining how the game works, you can also take the tutorial that will walk you through the slots’s features when you load the game.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Tutorial - MGJ

My Sweet Alchemy slot experience

Playing Sweet Alchemy – I earned 5 candy spells

For the entire time I played Sweet Alchemy I didn’t change my bet. Instead of staring with the lowest possible bet (which is 10 cents for this game) as I typically do when I first play a game, I decided to bet $1.

I landed a win on my second spin and had filled the sugar rush meter by my fifth spin, activating my first Mix the Elixir free round, where I earned 3 candy spells (I filled the Sugar Rush Meter with 38 symbols), won the Elixir of Power Bonus round, and advanced to level 2 on the map, for a total win of $28.00.  That said, I activated the Mix the Elixir free round a second time and that’s the one I’ll focus on in detail below, since it was my biggest win on Sweet Alchemy.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Mix the Elixir Free Round - MGJ

I think it was on about my fifteenth or so spin of the game that I filled the Sugar Rush Meter and activated the Mix the Elixir free round again. This time I earned 5 candy spells because I filled the meter with 44 symbols. At the start of the round, the 5×5 grid morphs into a 9×9 grid and the pink witch says, “It’s time to mix the elixir!” (she also giggles and declares different spells throughout the round, she’s very chatty🤣). During this round I got:

  • Mixed Candy (the symbols on the grid were shuffled around)
  • Sugar Bombs (10 normal symbols were selected at random and destroyed)
  • Sweet Surprise (7 wild symbols appeared on random positions)
  • Mixed Candy (the symbols on the grid were shuffled around)
  • Sugar Bombs (8 normal symbols were randomly selected and destroyed)

All of this resulted in a lot of cluster and cascading wins, taking my initial $6.60 win at the start of the round to a total of $43.50 once the confection was complete.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Elixir of Power Bonus - MGJ

Next, I moved on to the Elixir of Power Bonus round where I had to pick chocolate tiles to uncover elixirs. I needed to match 3 of the same potions to win. I managed to match 3 purple potions, earning me 2x my total bet and a big win total of $48.25.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Big Win - MGJ

I advanced up the map to level 3.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of Map - MGJ

I continued playing for a little while longer until I called it quits for the day. But from start to finish, I enjoyed every spin of Sweet Alchemy.

In fact, I like this game so much that I’m now really looking forward to playing the other games in the series: Sweet Alchemy 2 and Sweet Alchemy 100.

What do I like most about Sweet Alchemy?

  • I like cartoon/anime style slots (I’m a big fan of Moon Princess, after all😉).
  • The theme is cute, cheery and playful.
  • It’s fast-paced and there’s a lot of action.
  • The bonus features are engaging and quite rewarding.

What do I like the least?

  • Honestly, nothing. I genuinely enjoyed this game the entire time I played it.

What I thought of the other four games I played

Beast Below Screenshot - Hacksaw Gaming & Relax Gaming - MGJ

Beast Below – If I were to pick a runner up, it would be this slot. I played it before I tried Sweet Alchemy, and I really liked it too. The excellent graphics and sound effects are the perfect complement to the game and are perfectly tuned to the game’s dark and foreboding theme. The sonar sound effect and the bubbly noises of something moving underwater every time the reels spin is a nice touch. I scored a couple of nice wins with this game, too. I landed the yellow siren (expanding wild symbol) more than once. The first time she covered the full reel with a 6x multiplier and landed me my largest win while playing – $23.40. It was a bit of a bummer that I didn’t end up triggering the free spins round, but maybe I’ll have better luck next time as I will definitely play Beast Below again!

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways - Pragmatic Play - Screenshot - MGJ

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways – I didn’t like this game. Granted, I chose it because I was on a bit of a werewolf video game high at the time (having recently played Supermassive Games’ The Quarry), but it’s a solid no for me. From the soundtrack, graphics and sound effects, it was like what a Saturday morning cartoon would be like if it was converted into an online slot. Saturday morning cartoons and slots just don’t mix in my world. I’ll stick to other Megaways games, thanks.

Thor Trials of Asgard - GVG - Screenshot - MGJ
Big Bass Amazon Xtreme - Pragmatic Play - Screenshot - MGJ

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme – This game was okay, but I wasn’t wild about it. So far, I’ve liked the other Big Bass games I’ve played better. Don’t get me wrong, the soundtrack and thematic sound effects are spot on as are the graphics, so no disappointment there. The slot just didn’t deliver on the excitement I was looking for when I played it. It might be that I wasn’t in the mood for it at the time, but whatever the case, it wasn’t my favourite. I might try it again when I’m in more of a fishing mood. 😂

Mia’s 5 Star Rating for Sweet Alchemy

I give Sweet Alchemy 5 stars for:

  • It’s fun and playful theme
  • Cascading wins
  • It’s Sugar Rush Meter
  • The Elixir of Power Bonus mini game
  • Giving me a couple of big wins in a short time span 😂

Have you played the Sweet Alchemy slot? What star rating would you give it out of 5?

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

*I am not affiliated with Play’n GO or PlayOJO. All opinions about Sweet Alchemy are my own and are not intended to provide advice of any kind. If you choose to play Sweet Alchemy or any of the games I mentioned that I played for real money, remember that my experience won’t be yours, so play at your own discretion and please keep it fun and play responsibly. 

**All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only.

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