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A Gal’s Gotta Have a Favourite Online Casino Game – Here’s Mine

Play'n Go - Moon Princess Slot - Playing from my computer - Mia Morin - MGJ
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Most players have a favourite type of game that they enjoy at the casino. Although you might not have one yet, over time, like me, you might find that you start gravitating toward a certain category of game and even a type of game/variant within that category, as you become more familiar with your preferences.

Play'n Go casino game - Moon Princess Slot - Playing from my computer - Mia Morin - MGJ

For me, I’m a player who likes slots. To be more specific, 5-reel video slots with bonus features are my favourite category of online casino game. The more features there are, the better. Combine this with a cool theme, fun animations, a complementary soundtrack and a minimum bet of $0.50 or lower (preferably $0.10) and I’m ready for a good time! 😁

I can say without a doubt that slots are one of the main reasons why I finally decided to give an online casino a try in the first place. There’s a huge range of slots online that you won’t find at your local (or closest) land-based casino. Heck! There’s even a wide range of land-based slots – so called “Vegas-style slots” – that have been adapted for online play. Finding something to play – no matter my mood – isn’t difficult.

Top reasons slots are my go-to casino game

Here are some other reasons why I like slots:

  • Different styles of games – When I first started playing, I was actually surprised at the variety of slot machine variants. It’s easy to find both traditional one-arm bandit-style fruit machines as well as modern 5(+)-reel, multi-payline video slots with special features and incredible graphics and animations. I was also surprised to discover slots with unique and almost video-game like mechanics, such as those with cascading reels. If you’re like past me and are new to cascading reel slots, what you need to know is that they don’t have traditional spinning reels. Instead, it’s a grid where symbols fall from above to replace the ones below them. Slots with this style of cascade feature are a lot of fun to me because games like Play’n GO’s Sweet Alchemy and Gemix, for instance, remind me of tile-matching video games like Bejewelled and Candy Crush.
  • Theme variety – You name it, and you can probably find a slot based on it. Everything from horror, science fiction and mythology to fantasy, wildlife, anime and pop culture, is covered.  No matter the season, or whatever mood I might be in, there’s a slot to match it. In Canada, there are easily thousands of slots available, with availability depending on the casino where you play.  
  • Extra features – As I’ve said, I love slots with features and the more the merrier. Wilds, scatters, free spins, re-spins, cascading reels, multipliers, and bonus mini games are fantastic.    
  • Jackpots – This one’s a no brainer. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of having the chance to win a large sum of money if luck happens to be on your side? I certainly do! Although the odds of hitting a massive jackpot is super slim, this doesn’t make playing for one any less fun (as long as you don’t get caught in the Gambler’s Fallacy*, of course).  
  • You can play for fun – I love that most online slots can be played in “fun mode”, “demo mode”, etc. In other words, you can play games for free without having to spend actual money. I will usually demo a slot to learn the rules and discover if I even like it enough to spend money on it before I decide to try it for realises.
  • Wide range of bet sizes – I love that you can find games with low minimum bet amounts, with $0.10 probably being my preferred minimum bet amount based on the types of games I enjoy.  On the flip side, if you’re someone who likes to bet more than $0.10 a line, you can easily place far higher bets. Both budget-conscious players like me and high-rollers are accommodated.  
  • Casino bonuses – From what I’ve seen so far, most casino bonuses or spins bonuses offered to new players, and ongoing promotions, focus on slots play. Even though I haven’t gone overboard in claiming bonuses, I like knowing that if I do ever want to claim them, they can be an interesting way to enjoy my favourites or try something new.   
  • Easy to learn the ropes – There is more to slots than simply hitting the spin button, especially if you want to get the most out of the experience (which I do!). I really like that slot games are quick and straightforward to learn and that everything I need to know about the game (pay symbols, symbol value, features, how to trigger features, bet amounts, RTP, volatility, etc.) can easily be found in the paytable.  

My Top 3 Favourite Slots

Though I can’t say that these will always be my favourites, as of writing this blog, if I had to pick my top three favourite slots right now, they would be:

Moon Princess – Play’n GO’s Moon Princess online slot (released in 2017) is easily a favourite of mine due to the simple reason that it’s inspired by Sailor Moon – my all-time favourite anime. From the animations and characters (Princesses Love, Princess Star, and Princess Storm) and to the sounds and the soundtrack, there is so much detail added to this game that captures the essence of its muse. Beyond having some fun features, including the Princess Trinity feature, it has the cascading grid format I mentioned earlier, which I happen to really like.  

Moon Princess – Play’n Go YouTube

StarburstI know this one from NetEnt is a pretty old game (2013 release) and it’s almost stereotypical to claim it as a favourite due to its long-standing popularity, but Starburst is one of those classics that truly stands the test of time. There’s nothing particularly brilliant about it in terms of its features, but its smooth and fluid game design makes it a lot of fun to play. It’s easy on the eyes and has a cool 80’s retro feel in terms of its look, music and sound effects. Plus, it pays both ways, so you can hit a winning combo from right to left or left to right (not a typical feature in most slots that pay only one way) AND it’s expanding respin wilds feature is super.

Immortal Romance – Okay, I’m not the biggest vampire fan around, but I do like dark/fantasy horror-ish stuff and Immortal Romance is a fun game with a dark fantasy vibe. This slot is one of Microgaming’s classic games (launched in 2011 and remastered in 2020), and was one of the first I played, because – like Starburst – I’d heard a lot about it. I like it for the story and cool bonus features (one for each character) and the fact that there are many ways to potentially win on every spin, which adds to the fun factor for me.

Do I Have a Favourite Slots Provider? No. I can’t say that I do have a favourite yet. I do like several games provided by NetEnt, Play’n GO, and Microgaming, but have also enjoyed some titles from Red Tiger Gaming, Yggdrasil and Playtech.

To be honest, I don’t really know enough about the companies to feel confident enough to have formed an honest opinion about them. Over time, I might take a closer look at providers, but for now, as long as I’m playing at a trusted online casino, I’m more interested in trying different games than caring about who it is that makes them. 😂  

Slots will always likely be my favourite

While I’m sure that there will be other casino games that I will eventually enjoy playing, I imagine that slot machines will probably always be my preferred game, regardless of whether I play online or in a land-based casino.


Who knows, though? Maybe as I continue on my online casino journey in Canada, I’ll discover a new favourite. Anything can happen, right? 🤷‍♀️

Do you have a favourite casino game? Please comment, I’d love to know! 😊

Until next time, have fun and good luck!


*Note: Gamblers Fallacy (in case you’re new to the term) is the mistaken belief that if a random event occurs more (or less) frequently than normal in the past that it is less (or more) likely to happen in the future. In other words, it’s the belief that a certain outcome is “due” to happen (or not happen) based on previous outcomes.

For instance, it’s believing that if you lost your bets on the last 10 spins on a slot machine, that you’re “due” to win on your next spin. The reality is that your probability of winning remains the same for spin 11 as it did for your last 10 spins. No win is ever guaranteed, which is why it’s important to have playing limits and to never chase your losses – no matter what game you might be playing.

**All links in this post are for informational purposes only. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

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