My Online Casino Journey in Canada – It Begins

Mia's Online Casino Journey in Canada - Mia Morin - MGJ
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Hi! My name’s Mia Morin, and I live in Ontario, Canada.🍁 Though over the years I’ve occasionally tried my luck at land-based casinos in Ontario (Fallsview and Rama) and slots at Woodbine and Georgian Downs, I recently played at my very first online casino in January 2023 and have enjoyed playing online ever since.

Mia's Online Casino Journey in Canada - Mia Morin - MGJ

I decided to dabble in online casino play due to a seriously long winter and being curious enough to try it. I just finally did it to see how different the experience is – and how different the overall entertainment value is – compared to the land-based experiences I’ve had at Fallsview and Rama.

What I’ve discovered so far is that I think the most basic (and best) thing about gambling – land-based or online – is its entertainment value. 

Online Casino Entertainment Value is What Matters Most to Me

To me, measuring gambling’s entertainment value (how much fun I get out of it) is the single most important aspect of betting money on games. Yeah, yeah, sure the ultimate point to gambling is to try to win, but for me, the entire experience can’t be all about winning. Because, personally, I think that’s the fastest way to fall into the trap of losing money you don’t want/can’t afford to lose…or just flat out getting bored with playing.

Small Budget - Canadian Dollars

Knowing how to get the biggest bang for my buck (I got a small budget), how to get the most fun out of this entertainment (win or lose), and how to enjoy it safely online, is what makes playing at casinos online worth the time and money I spend on them.

Like most people, what a casino has to offer, how they deliver it, and how they treat me as a customer, is what makes or breaks my fun time. Unlike most people, I’ve decided to write about my experiences whether they’re awesome or they suck.

Why write about my online casino experiences?

I asked myself that same question and concluded, “Why not?”

Sure, there’s already tons of blogs out there offering tips on the best online casinos to play at, how to find the slots with the best RTPs, how to make a living gambling (yikes!😱), how to avoid scam casinos, how to beat the casino (which is just plain old stupid IMO), etc., etc. But rarely have I ever come across someone just talking about the fun they got out of playing and all the components that lead to that end result.

Blogging holding coffee

In my blog*, I intend to share my thoughts, opinions and ramblings about my good and bad experiences at the casino sites where I play. I’m no pro and I’m not interested in becoming a gambling guru. My goal is to enjoy the best entertainment and, if you’re relatively new to gambling at casinos online like me, maybe what I discover and share will help you to find the best entertainment, too. 😊

Like I said, I’m not a gambling expert and I haven’t been playing at online casinos for very long, so I’m not here to offer any sage advice other than my honest opinion based on my personal experiences. I don’t care about becoming a pro player, or finding the best and biggest bonuses, or making a living off gambling (‘cause again, yikes), or trying to “beat” the casino. I just want to have a good time at a site I trust and treats me well. I mean, isn’t that pretty much what the average Canadian online casino player wants: to spend a few bucks and have a good time?

My point is, I find online gambling fun, and I enjoy talking about what I find fun (and my friends are no longer interested in my iGaming revelations and ramblings LOL!).  So, I decided, if I’m going to be playing anyway, why not share my good/bad/boring legit Ontario online casino experiences for no other reason than I’ve always liked writing, I need a new creative outlet and creating quirky TIKTOK videos just isn’t for me. 😝

Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn something or maybe anyone reading this who isn’t interested in one more piece of expert advice (you, maybe?) might find it amusing, relatable, or even useful for boosting your own fun somehow.

Whatever the case, thanks for reading. If you stick around, at the very least, I hope I keep things interesting for you.

Until next time, play safe, good luck, and have fun!


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*Full Disclosure:

My blog is about my personal experiences gambling with real money at online casinos in Canada and my opinions on other gambling-related stuff. It is meant for readers aged 19+ (or whatever the legal appropriate gambling age is where you live). I write about my personal experiences for my own amusement. The content on my blog site is not intended to provide advice (professional or otherwise) nor is it intended to promote gambling online or anywhere else. Gambling isn’t for everyone. It is a personal choice and is one that should be made responsibly.  

My blog is not presently monetized. Any links included are not affiliate links and have been added only to provide context or for information purposes. If, one day, this changes, I will disclose my use of affiliate links on the specific blogs where they have been included.

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