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Why I Started My Casino Blog

Welcome to my casino gaming journey!

Hi there! In case you’re new to “Mia’s Online Casino Journey in Canada” and don’t know why I started it, here’s the overall scoop about my casino blog.

Mia Morin Casino Blog - My Online Gaming Journey - MGJ

My gaming journey became a personal writing inspiration

Though I’ve done the occasional freelance writing since 2013 as a part-time job, it’s been a long time since I wrote something for myself. If you’re a professional writer, you can (probably) relate when I say that writing content for a client and writing for yourself are two very different experiences. For me, nothing beats the enjoyment and freedom of being able to write what I want and that is interesting to me.

So, I’d been hemming and hawing over what to write for the past few years, started a couple of projects, but nothing seemed to stick. The trouble was that a lot of the things I enjoy or find interesting (e.g., space, science, horror shows/movies, anime, video games, dogs, cats) I was too chicken to write about, because I’m not an expert in any of them. Beyond being way to self-conscious to share my opinion about these topics (beyond social media), I couldn’t convince my self-judgement that I’d come up with an angle that I felt was in any way original.

I’m far from a pro player, and – I’ll be honest – I’m not really interested in becoming one. I just want to play the games I like, try new things, claim promotions every now and then, and have fun doing it in a secure environment.

What my casino blog isn’t

It’s not a review site.  I’ll share my opinions about the games I play, about software providers, and occasionally even about the casinos where I play. I might provide facts and details, but I’m not a reviewer.

It’s not about recommending casinos.  I won’t hide where I play, but I won’t talk about the sites in great detail, and I won’t ever recommend that you play at the casinos I choose. It’s not because I think they’re bad (I mean, seriously, why would I play there if I thought it sucked?), but because the casinos themselves are not what my blog is about, and it’s up to you to find the online casinos that work best for you.

❌ It’s not about finding the best welcome promotions. I’ll happily share what I thought about promotions I’ve claimed and be honest about my opinion of them too. But, just like not recommending and reviewing casinos, I don’t review or recommend promotions, either. Whatever promotion you choose to claim (or not claim) is up to you.

❌ It’s not about how to become a pro or career player. Like I’ve already said, I’m not a pro player, I don’t plan on becoming one, and personally, I think making a career out of betting on games of chance is a bad idea. I know some people do it, and good for them, but I’m an ordinary player and gambling careers are way too high risk for me. If I wanted to make money from a casino, I’d get employed by one.

❌ It’s not about how to beat the casino.  Please, just don’t even try this. The casino always wins. It’s a business. It’s supposed to take more of your money than it will ever give back. Losing site of this opens you up to problem gambling behaviour.

Why should you read my casino blog?

Because, if you enjoy online gambling like I do, you’re a modest player who isn’t interested in turning gambling into a career or trying to beat the casino. You just want to spend a bit of cash on entertainment that hopefully leads to a good time and – if you’re lucky – winning some money.

I share my experiences as a new player, including (but not limited to) my thoughts on:

What I experience at the casinos where I play

  • Games I’ve played
  • Games I want to try
  • Games I’m nervous to try
  • What I liked and didn’t like about playing, etc.

What I’ve learned prior to and during my journey

I typically post on my casino blog one to two times a week, and welcome comments on my posts. I am also active on social media (see the buttons at the bottom of the page!) if you’d like to connect and share your own experiences with me there, too.

There you have it, the scoop about my blog! I hope you stick around. 😀

All the best,


*Full Disclosure:

My blog is about my personal experiences gambling with real money at online casinos in Canada, specifically in the province of Ontario (where I live). From time to time, I might also share my opinions on other gambling-related stuff. What I write depends on whatever I feel like sharing, because – first and foremost – I created this blog for my own amusement.

The content I write for my blog is meant for readers aged 19+ (or whatever the legal appropriate gambling age is where you live – It’s 19 in Ontario). That said, it is not intended to provide advice (professional or otherwise). Any tips, suggestions or recommendations are solely my opinion based on my personal experiences. What I share in my blog should not be taken as advice (professional or otherwise), nor is its purpose to promote gambling online or anywhere else. Gambling isn’t for everyone. It is a personal choice and is one that should be made responsibly.  

At present, my blog is not monetized. I am not an affiliate with anyone (not casinos, software providers, review sites, etc.) Any links, images, or videos I use are only to provide context or for information purposes. If, one day, this changes, I will – of course – disclose my use of affiliate links/media/content on the specific blogs where they have been included.