I Claimed My First Online Casino Welcome Offer – Here’s What I Thought

My First Online Casino Welcome Offer Experience - MGJ
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Yes, After My Very First Deposit, I Claimed My Very First Casino Promotion

You might be wondering, “Mia, you’ve been talking about your gaming journey for nearly two months now, you started playing for real money near the start of 2023, come on! Why are you only talking about the online casino welcome offer you claimed now?”

Two reasons:

  1. This is my blog, I can talk about whatever I want, whenever I want.😂
  2. I don’t want to sound like an ad for an online casino because that’s not the point of my blog.
PlayOJO Logo Screenshot - Online Casino Welcome Offer was from PlayOJO - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Logo

Rightie-roo, so please keep in mind that while I will provide information about and my opinion on a Free Spins casino welcome offer that I have claimed at PlayOJO, it’s because I want to, and not because I think you should claim it too.    

Here’s the Scoop on My First-time Casino Welcome Offer Experience

As a new player from Ontario who signed up at PlayOJO and made her very first deposit, I had the option to claim 50 Free Spins on the Thor The Trials of Asgardslot from GVG (Green Valley Games).

PlayOJO 50 Free Spins - Online Casino Welcome Offer - Screenshot from PlayOJO - MGJ
Screenshot of welcome offer from PlayOJO.ca Homepage

From the point I made my deposit, and it was accepted, I had exactly 24 hours to choose if I wanted to claim the 50 spins. Obviously, I decided to claim them.

I claimed the spins for two reasons:

  1. It was my very first online casino welcome offer.
  2. Most importantly, the spins were wager-free, which means that – according to PlayOJO’s T&Cs (or “OJO’s Rewards and Game Play policy” as they like to call it) – whatever I might win by the end of the spins would be paid immediately in cash and added to my balance. I could withdraw it at any time, without having to wager the amount I might win a certain number of times first.
PlayOJO Screenshot - Online Casino Welcome Offer - GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot Loading - MGJ
Screenshot of GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot loading at PlayOJO

I got 50 free spins valued at $0.10 per spin on Thor The Trials of Asgard 🎰🗲

Each spin is worth 🇨🇦$0.10 (a fancy way to write 10 cents). I didn’t have the option to pick or choose how much I wanted to bet each time.

PlayOJO Screenshot - Online Casino Welcome Offer - GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot - Accept Free Spins Bonus - MGJ
Screenshot of 50 Free Spins offer from PlayOJO

Once I hit the “Yes” button to claim the 50 spins, the game immediately started and the 50 spins played out consecutively with no stopping in between, exactly as they do if you select the auto spin feature or when a free spins feature is triggered in an online slot.

I don’t know why, but I found this casino welcome offer experience to be incredibly underwhelming. I think it’s because, being a newbie, I didn’t realize that the spins would play right away, would play out all at once, and that my participation wasn’t needed. I could have wandered away from my computer throughout the entire event and returned a few minutes later to see what the end result was.

I’m a hands-on kind of player. The auto spin feature on slots does nothing for my experience. I’m the person who likes to click that spin button every. single. time. So, just watching the reels spin consecutively for 50 times, wasn’t my idea of a thrilling time.🥱

I won a total of $3.22💰

Yup, a whole $3.22 was my winning total by the end of the 50 spins. That won’t buy me much, not even at Dollarama these days, but that’s the way it goes. There’s never any guarantee if or how much I might win when I gamble, which is why having fun is the most important aspect for me.

PlayOJO Screenshot - Online Casino Welcome Offer - GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot - Spins Winnings - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO 50 Spins Welcome Offer

I gladly accepted my $3.22 win, especially since the money was mine to keep, and I didn’t spend a single buck of my own deposited money to win it.

My First Online Casino Welcome Offer – Overall Thoughts

I’d sum up my first casino welcome offer experience in three words: It was alright.🤷‍♀️

In all honesty, I didn’t find it all that exciting. My lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with the game itself (the slot is pretty fun, and I do love me some Loki) or even the tiny amount I won.  Maybe it was because I was expecting to participate more or maybe I wasn’t expecting it to play out so fast? Whatever it was, I certainly didn’t feel pumped after the experience.

PlayOJO Screenshot - Online Casino Welcome Offer - GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot - Win - MGJ
Screenshot of GVG Thor The Trials of Asgard Slot Win during Free Spin promo at PlayOJO

On the bright side, however, I will say, I’m still glad that this was the very first online casino welcome offer I claimed. I far rather that my first experience was a little flat than frustrating. Moreover, for me, absolutely nothing beats zero wagering requirements. In my opinion, it’s super fair, transparent and speaks to the integrity of the brand. It’s one of main reasons why I picked PlayOJO to start my online gaming journey.

Will I Claim Promotions Beyond the Online Casino Welcome Offer?

In case you’re curious, I have and do intend to claim other casino promotions, and eventually I’ll get around to sharing my opinion about those, too. In fact, if I decide to play at another site down the road, I’ll likely give my opinion on its welcome offer (if I should choose to claim it) and how it compares to my first experience.

What about you? Have you claimed your first online casino welcome offer yet? If so, what was it like? Did you enjoy it? If not, what is the type of welcome promotion that interests you most? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome you to share them below!

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

*I am not affiliated with PlayOJO.

**All images and links are for information purposes only.

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