Still Not Sure if Playing at an Online Casino is for You? This is What I Tried First

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Deciding on Whether to Take The Ultimate Leap – It’s a Personal Choice

Should you or should you not play at an online casino? This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. It’s one that I muddled over for quite some time before I finally decided to give it a try.

First and foremost, gambling is a highly personal choice. There’s no law that says you have to gamble. There’s also no time limit on when you can choose to do it.

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So, if you really don’t feel like gambling online, then don’t. If you feel like waiting, then wait. If you want to play, but you’re not sure if you should – or that you’ll even like it – maybe explore a few things first. That’s what I did before I decided to start playing.

What Should You Explore? Here’s What I Did Before Trying an Online Casino

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  • I considered what payment option I would use💸 – I found out that credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, and prepaid card options are available for Ontario online casino players. I liked the idea of using a prepaid card for making online casino deposits, and after a bit of investigating, decided to use PaySafeCard.

    🌟Mia’s Tip: I suggest using a non-credit card payment, like Interac or PaySafeCard for making deposits. It’s better to keep track of your budget and bet with the money you have in your account than to put something on credit.
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  • I thought about what personal documents I would provide to verify my ID and address 🪪 – I had to accept the fact that I would need to provide personal information and send personal documents to the online casino I would choose to play at, to verify my identity. I investigated this verification process at the online casinos that interested me as well as investigated what the Ontario local regulator had to say about these verification processes and what to expect, to make sure I was okay with providing this information. Eventually, I decided that I would provide my license and a utility bill.

    🌟Mia’s Tip: Make sure you’re comfortable with providing your personal information online as well as sending images of sensitive documents like your driver’s license, passport, utility bill, bank statement, etc. There’s no way around this if you want to gamble for the chance at winning real money at a secure and legitimate online casino.

Playing at an Online Casino is a Personal Choice, But It Shouldn’t Be a Secret

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I’m not suggesting that you share your pass time with the world or talk about it incessantly, but if you decide to play at an online casino – or even if you’re thinking about doing it – maybe be open about it with the people you love and trust just as you would be open with them about other activities you enjoy. I feel that this is especially important if you share your life with someone, and doubly important if you share your finances with them.

In my case, I’m lucky. Justin (my husband) has always been super supportive, and we have great communication, and trust. I hope you have someone in your life like that too.

Alright, so this post kind of ended less about how to decide if you should play at an online casino and more about why it’s important not to keep it a secret.😂 That wasn’t my initial intention, but I got on a bit of a tangent. Oops!🤭

Anyway, bottom line, if you’re on the proverbial fence, I hope that by letting you know about some of the things I did to help me decide if I should gamble online, will be of use to you in your own online casino journey of discovery.  

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

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