Viking Runecraft Apocalypse – My Favourite Casino Game for June 2023

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
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This Play’n GO slot is easily my top pick for June.

Before I share my honest impressions/experiences of playing this game and why it was my top choice, I want you to know that this will not be the standard detailed casino game review that’s typical of review sites affiliated with online casinos (‘cause I’m not affiliated with anyone).

All that blather aside, in case you haven’t played Viking Runecraft Apocalypse – to give you an overall idea of what it’s about – here are some general facts about the game that I think are interesting and worth noting (Note: keep in mind that these stats apply to the game I played in Ontario. Game stats can be different depending on your jurisdiction or where you play).

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot Paytable Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Screenshot of Play’n Go’s Viking Runecraft Apocalypse slot paytable

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse is a 7×7 grid game with runes and Norse mythology themed symbols that represent the characters (Freya, Heimdall, Thor, and Odin). The symbols vanish when they are part of a win leaving empty spaces for the symbols above to drop into. Behind the grid is Loki (in his Jötunn form), hovering and waiting to smash the gods. To the left of the grid is a Runic Charge Meter, and to the right of the grid is one of the gods.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse – General Game Stats

  • Software developer: Play’n GO*
  • Release date: June 2023
  • Theme: Viking, Norse Mythology
  • Reels: 7
  • Rows: 7          
  • Paylines: 5
  • Notable features: Cascading Wins, Mystery Symbols, Spirit Wild, Gift Of The Gods, Power Of Aesir, Aftershock, Ragnarök Free Spin.
  • Bet range: $0.05 – $20.00
  • Max win: 10,000x
  • Jackpots: No
  • Volatility: High
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Free version available: Yes (can be played for free on Play’n GO’s official site)
  • Where I played it for real money: PlayOJO*

My Viking Runecraft Apocalypse slot experience

At first look and listen, I thought the graphics and animations were great and the sound effects and soundtrack were spot on with the theme. Visually and feature-wise I think it’s one of the best games Play’n Go has produced that I’ve played, so far. I also really liked that it had a video game vibe.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Game Screenshot – Play’n GO
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot Gameplay Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot Screenshot – Play’n GO

This is one of those games that has a lot going on at any given time. Every once in a while, between Loki’s continual movement and the animations that occur when a win is struck, the game choked a bit. Obviously, it wasn’t anything that bothered me too much since I’ve ranked this as my favourite slot for June. However, I wanted to let you know that this was my experience, so if you don’t like games that can lag or if lag is something that frequently happens when you play on your device, there’s a chance it could happen to you too if you choose to play Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.  

Playing Viking Runecraft Apocalypse – I landed a big win!

I started off with the lowest bet ($0.05). After several consecutive spins of getting nowhere, I bumped my bet up to 10 cents for the next few spins and finally landed my first win. I played a few more games, but still, no bells or whistles were going off, so I changed my bet size to 20 cents, won a few more times, and finally decided to settle on the max I intended to bet on the game per spin – 30 cents. 

Not long after that, I triggered the “Gift of the Gods” feature after collecting 4 Spirit Wilds. That’s when the fun really started and kept on going for a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, with one feature bleeding into the next!

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot - Gift of Gods - Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot – Gift of Gods – Screenshot – Play’n GO

The Gift of the Gods feature randomly selected Freya – who popped up on the right side of the grid and erupted with a “Magic! Haaaa!” (“Freyja’s Magic”) adding 3 sets of 2 horizontal pairs of wilds to the reels. The wins that resulted from her “gift” fully powered the Runic Charge Meter, which activated the “Power of the Aesir” feature.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot - Ragnarok Free Spin - Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot – Ragnarok Free Spin – Screenshot – Play’n GO

Once Freyja’s was finished bestowing her gift, the Power of the Aesir feature started and Heimdall was randomly selected. He hollered “Trumpet’s Screech” and smacked down his Viking trumpet horn and transformed symbols surrounding 3 randomly selected symbols, which eventually resulted in “Ragnarök Free Spin”.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot - Mjolnir Strike - Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot – Mjolnir Strike – Screenshot – Play’n GO

With this next feature activated, the charge meter transformed into a multiplier meter and the 4 Power of the Aesir features were awarded in sequence, starting with Heimdall (another “Trumpet’s Screech” – this time destroying symbols instead of transforming them), followed by Freya (“Folkvang’s Force” – she randomly selected a symbol and upgraded it to a higher one), Thor (“Mjolnir’s Strike” – he destroyed and transformed 7 random symbols) and Odin (“Heaven’s Spear” – he transformed all high paying symbols into the same high paying symbol – which was Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir).  In total I won $37.74.  

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot - Super Big Win - Screenshot - Play'n GO - MGJ
Viking Runecraft Apocalypse Slot – Super Big Win – Screenshot – Play’n GO

Gotta say, it was a thrilling two and a half minutes and certainly was a key reason why Viking Runecraft Apocalypse ranked as my top choice.

What do I like most about playing Viking Runecraft Apocalypse

  • The theme – I’m a big fan of Norse mythology.
  • The bet range from as low as 5 cents to as high as $20.
  • The graphics, sounds, and overall feel of the slot was cool.
  • It has a lot of neat features and I like that by activating one (in my playing experience) it triggered others to activate as well.

What do I like the least?

  • The game lagged a bit.
  • It seems that I had to wager more than the lowest bet for anything exciting to happen.

What I thought of the other four games I played

Sweet Bonanza Slot Screenshot - Pragmatic Play - MGJ
Sweet Bonanza Slot Screenshot – Pragmatic Play

Sweet Bonanza – If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you likely already guessed from my post/tweet about Sweet Bonanza a few weeks ago that it wouldn’t have been my top pick for June!🤣 There’s wasn’t anything bad about it (seriously, I scored a win on my first spin!), but I didn’t find anything too exciting about it either. The music was cheery and upbeat, and I liked that the tempo changed with a win, but beyond that and the cascading reels and exploding fruit symbols, I found the game to be pretty standard. Due to its popularity, I was expecting it to stand out in some way and really like it, but it just didn’t do it for me. It’s possible I wasn’t in the mood for it, or my expectations were too high.🤷‍♀️ In any case, I will give it a try again at a later time to see if my opinion changes.

Divine Fortune Megaways Screenshot - NetEnt - MGJ-
Divine Fortune Megaways Screenshot – NetEnt

Divine Fortune Megaways – This is a good game. It’s a typical run-of-the-mill video slot, which is what I was expecting. I’m a fan of all different types of mythology themed games, and I have always had a soft spot for Ancient Greek mythology, in particular, ever since I learned it in high school. Essentially, this slot was comfortable to play. It’s clean graphics are easy on the eyes and playing a Megaways game always adds a bit of an extra thrill for me simply because of the many ways you can win. I’ll definitely play this one again.

Disturbed Slot Screenshot - Nolimit City - MGJ
Disturbed Slot Screenshot – Nolimit City

Disturbed – Oh, how I had such high hopes for this one! Unfortunately, it’s just a little too cheese for me. The game starts out with a woman asking in fear, “Why are you putting us through this torture?” Then some mad scientist responding in a trippy voice, “Well, I’m disturbed.” Oy…🤦‍♀️it’s never good when a game’s first impression has me feeling cringy and eye-rolly at the same time. Overall, the graphics were about average and the game had some interesting features, but it had too much of an 80’s B horror movie vibe for me (though not the good kind) right down to the soundtrack. I don’t think I’ll play this one again.  

Slingo Starburst Screenshot - Slingo - MGJ
Slingo Starburst Screenshot – Slingo

Slingo Starburst – This is an interesting take on the Starburst slot, but I like playing the slot machine much better. At the moment, I’m kind of on the fence about Slingo. So far, I feel like I get more enjoyment out of playing a slot game or a bingo game than a game that combines the two. Who knows? Maybe my opinion will change when I decide to try another Singo game. Maybe I just wasn’t into Slingo Starburst.🤷‍♀️ Time will tell!

Mia’s 5 Star Rating for Viking Runecraft Apocalypse

I give Viking Runecraft Apocalypse 4.5 stars for:

  • An immersive theme with cool graphics
  • Having a video game-like vibe
  • It’s many features, particularly “Power of the Aesir”
  • Giving me a big win that resulted after a fantastic feature show that lasted longer than 3 minutes 😂

Have you played the Viking Runecraft Apocalypse slot? What star rating would you give it out of 5?

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

*I am not affiliated with Play’n GO or PlayOJO. All opinions about Viking Runecraft Apocalypse are my own and are not intended to provide advice of any kind. If you choose to play Viking Runecraft Apocalypse or any of the games I mentioned that I played for real money, remember that my experience won’t be yours, so play at your own discretion and please keep it fun and play responsibly. 

**All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only.

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