Crazy Time – My Favourite Live Casino Game for November 2023

Evolution Live Game Show Crazy Time - MGJ
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My first official live casino experience was just okay.

So, it turns out Crazy Time is the game I like best of all the live games I played. It also turns out that I’m not the biggest live casino fan. 🤷‍♀️

For me, there’s just something lacking about the whole experience. I feel like if I want to do something live, I’d just head out to an actual casino. Also, I’m used to (and highly enjoy) taking my time when it comes to placing bets and before I begin my next round of betting. In a live casino experience, you’re not given much time to do either of those things. I do understand why, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. 😂

Okay, so my gripe about my first live casino experience aside, I did enjoy playing Crazy Time. In fact, I liked it enough that when I’m next in the mood to try the live casino, I will play it again. For now, however, the following is a rundown of my first experience playing the game.

Note: All details I’ve included about Crazy Time below are related to the version of the game I played at an Ontario online casino. As such, it may not reflect your experience if you play this game at a different online casino or from a location other than Ontario. For instance, in some jurisdictions this game has an autoplay function. This feature is not available in Ontario.

Crazy Time Live – General Gameplay Facts

About Evolution’s Crazy Time Live Game Show     

Crazy Time is one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live game shows. It’s based on Dreamcatcher, another one of its highly successful game shows. 

In essence, it features a large vertical, colourful wheel with 54 segments and has 8 available bets. These include 4 numbered bets (1, 2, 5, 10), and 4 bonus games (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time). There is also a Top Slot feature, where 2 reels spin after bets are placed, prior to the host spinning the big wheel. The reels of the Top Slot add special win multipliers to numbered bets or they will upgrade 1 of the 4 bonus games.

Screenshot of Evolution's Crazy Time - Bet Placed - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution’s Crazy Time

Throughout the game, a friendly and charismatic host (wearing a loud outfit) continuously chatters about the game, other random things, and interacts with the players who take part in the live chat. In my opinion, the live host is an important part of the experience and is what keeps the game continually interesting and flowing. Of course, if you don’t want to hear all the chatter, you do have the option to mute the game.

How to play Crazy Time

Basically, you place a wager on 1 or more of the available bet options (you’ll have about 10 seconds to do this, or you’ll need to wait until the next game). The game then commences with the Top Slot feature, followed by the game show host spinning the wheel. If the peg lands on a number you’ve bet on, you’ll win. If it lands on a bonus game you’ve bet on, you’ll get to participate in it.

  • Coin Flip – Multipliers are randomly added to a red and blue side of a coin. The game show host then flips the coin. The winning side’s multiplier is applied to your bet value.
  • Cash Hunt – You enter a shooting gallery with a large screen that has 108 random multipliers. These multipliers are covered by random symbols and are shuffled. When the timer stops, you select the target to reveal the won multiplier that will be applied to your bet.
  • Pachinko – The game show host drops a puck from the top of a large Pachinko wall. It travels down through the pegs until it lands at the bottom and the multiplier it lands on will be applied to your bet.
  • Crazy Time – The host opens a red door to reveal a gigantic virtual money wheel that contains 64 segments and 3 flappers (blue, green, and yellow). Choose a flapper before the wheel spins. The multiplier where the selected flapper stops is awarded to the player. It is in this mini game that it’s possible to win the max multiplier.

My Crazy Time Live Casino Experience

Crazy Time wasn’t the first game I played in the Live Casino. I actually started with Live Lightning Roulette. The only reason I’m telling you this is because, since it was my first live casino experience, I was asked to enter a screen name (see screenshot below), which I learned you can change at any time.

Screenshot of Evolution Live Lightning Roulette Screen name - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution Live Lightning Roulette Screen name

When the game first loaded, I notice two things right away: 1 – It’s very bright and colourful. 2 – It was muted. I unmuted it and could instantly hear the game’s soundtrack and the live host taking and responding to the players participating in the live chat. I didn’t personally participate in the live chat in this game or any of the others I played. I didn’t want to. I was more interested in the game than paying attention to the chat feature. Though I will admit it was amusing listening to the host responding to the other players.

Screenshot of Evolution's Crazy Time - 1 with multiplier - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution’s Crazy Time

I watched a few rounds of the game first, as well as familiarized myself with the rules, before I made my first bet. I was surprised to find that Crazy Time is actually a lot of fun to watch!

For every live casino game I played, I wagered the lowest amount possible. For Crazy Time, this was $0.10. I started with placing only 1 bet, but eventually made 2 bets per game round. The first bet was always on a number (usually 1 – that number seriously lands a lot on the wheel), and the second I placed either on another number or one of the bonus games.

Screenshot Of Evolution's Crazy Time - Win - MGJ
Screenshot Of Evolution’s Crazy Time

I won a few times, including once by landing the multiplier for the 1 slot on the wheel.

Crazy Time bonus features I triggered

During my Crazy Time playing session I only ever landed one bonus feature (you can only take part in the feature if you’ve placed a bet on it). The bonus game I got to participate in was Coin Flip.

Screenshot o Evolution's Crazy Time - Coin Flip Feature - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution’s Crazy Time Coin Flip Bonus Game

Overall, it’s the least interesting of the 4 bonus mini games to watch and to take part in, but it was still fun to win (a whole whopping $0.50 btw 😂).

In total, I think I stuck around to play Crazy Time for 20 minutes. In that time, only Coin Flip and Pachinko were triggered. The rest of the time the wheel landed on a number (mostly 1).

What do I like most about Crazy Time?

  • It’s easy to learn.
  • It has a wide bet range ($0.10 – $5,000).
  • It’s fun to play and watch.
  • It has 4 bonus games.
  • The charismatic host keeps the game interesting.

What do I like the least?

  • Nothing really. What you see is really what you get with this game.

What I thought of the other live casino games I played

Screenshot of Evolution's Live Lightning Roulette - Bet Placed - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution’s Live Lightning Roulette

Screenshot of Evolution's Infinite Blackjack - Game in progress - MGJ
Screenshot of Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack

Mia’s 5 Star Rating for Crazy Time

I give Crazy Time 4 stars for:

  • Being fun to play
  • It’s different bonus games
  • Keeping my interest
  • The lively atmosphere

I’m glad that I chose Crazy Time as the first live game show to try. There’s a lot going on, but it’s easy to learn how to play and the additional bonus games and multipliers add an extra element of thrill for me.

In essence, I think that if you’re not really a fan of card and table games and consider yourself to be more of a slots player (like me), game shows like Crazy Time might be the most interesting option for your first live casino experience.

Have you played Evolution’s Crazy Time live game show? What would you rate it? Is there another live game show you like better or that you think I should try?

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

Mia 👩‍💻

*I am not affiliated with Evolution or PlayOJO. All opinions about Crazy Time are my own and are not intended to provide advice of any kind. If you choose to play Crazy Time, or any of the games that I mentioned I played for real money, remember that my experience won’t be the same as yours. Play at your own discretion and please keep it fun and play responsibly. 

**All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only.

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