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Online Blackjack Strategy Basics – Easy to Learn and Surprisingly Fun

Online Blackjack with Blackjack Strategy Chart - MGJ
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It’s been a great gaming week!

Most importantly though, I’ve also been using a blackjack strategy chart for the first time. Gotta say, I’m sorry I waited so long to use one.

I took off the training wheels and played online blackjack for realsies.

This week, I decided to finally play for real money, which inspired me to find a blackjack strategy chart that would be straightforward and easy for me to understand as a beginner player. I came across one that covered the basics for single deck blackjack and used that.  

It’s as easy as conducting a web browser search to find lots of free blackjack strategy charts online that you can use and print out. That said, to show you what a basic chart looks like, I decided to make one and I’ve included it below. The chart and the legend that goes with it is just like the blackjack strategy chart that I use* only with Mia-preferred colours and style.😁

Basic Blackjack Stratetgy Chart - MGJ
Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart Legend - MGJ

You’re welcome to use it or print it. Just remember that this is only one type of chart. Real blackjack pros have way better and more detailed charts and strategies than this one.

*Note: this chart shows the basic strategy that is best used in blackjack games when the dealer must Stand on a “Soft 17” (soft 17 means that an ace in the dealer’s hand is counted as an 11 – e.g., ace – 6 is a soft 17). The game I’m currently playing is American Blackjack in which the dealer must Stand on 17. As such, this particular strategy chart makes sense to the game I’m playing.

It’s totally legit to use an online blackjack strategy chart when you play.  

In case you didn’t now that, it’s true! Using a blackjack strategy chart when you play blackjack online is 100% not cheating. The chart can help you make better odds-based choices but following it doesn’t guarantee a winning result.

Using a chart isn’t the same as using a software program that counts cards for you. Software programs that count cards is often a no-no at most casinos, so is counting cards when playing live dealer blackjack games (or so I’ve heard). Personally, I have no interest in counting cards. That sounds like a lot of math and effort to me. 😝

With that said, here are a couple of the results I had when employing the advice of the basic strategy chart when I played GVG’s American Online Blackjack ($1 – $100).

  • I was dealt Q – 8 (total of 18).
  • The dealer had a 3 showing.
  • According to the chart I follow I should “Stand”.
GVG American Online Blackjack Game - Stand - MGJ
  • I did.
  • The dealer ended up with a total of 23 and went bust.
  • I won!
GVG Online Blackjack Game - Win - MGJ

But, following the chart doesn’t always work out, as in the case below:

  • I was dealt 4 – 4 (total of 8).
  • The dealer had a 3 showing.
  • According to the chart I followed I should “Hit”.
GVG Online Blackjack Game - Hit - MGJ
  • I did and got a 7 for a total of 15.
  • The chart says if I have 15 and the dealer has 3 showing I should “Stand”.
  • I did.
  • The dealer ended up with a total of 20.
  • I lost.
GVG Online Blackjack Game - Loss - MGJ

Personally, I like the blackjack strategy chart and have found it very useful in helping me to understand how to play online blackjack. I know that by continuing to use it and furthering my knowledge of the rules and the terms that apply to the game, I can become a confident player.

Eventually, I plan to work my way up to playing live dealer blackjack, but for now the traditional RNG online blackjack games are fine with me. I like being able to take the time to study the chart and contemplate the action I want to take. I’m not ready for the added pressure of faster play that comes from sitting at a live dealer table with other players.

What about you? Do you use blackjack strategy chart(s) when you play online blackjack?

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

**All links and images in this post are for information purposes only.

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