I Made My Choice – Online Blackjack is the Winner

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I kept my promise!

I Had a Choice of Online Blackjack Games that I Could Play for Free

Since I wanted to start off by playing for free, I investigated my free RNG online blackjack options at the casino where I play. Each one of them is provided by GVG. It’s not that I’ll only play GVG card games, btw. It’s just that they happened to be the only ones available to me in this particular case. The games I could choose from included:

  • American Blackjack ($1 – $100)
  • American Blackjack ($50 – $500)
  • American Blackjack VIP ($300 – $1,500)
  • European Blackjack VIP ($300 – $1,500)
  • Blackjack Xchange ($0.25 – $1,000)
Online Blackjack - Screen shot of GVG online American Blackjack - MGJ
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

Even though I wasn’t playing with real money, I chose American Blackjack with the $1 – $100 bet range.  I did this because:

  • I like trying the specific game for free that I eventually intend to play for real money
  • I wanted a game with the lowest bet limit
  • It was the most popular RNG blackjack game on the site
  • The game’s design is clean and simple and gameplay is straightforward

My First Experience playing American Blackjack Online for Free

I’ll give you a little rundown of my first experience and include some screen shots I took too.

Before playing, I had a look at the game’s info and had a quick glance at the basic rules (which I kind of already knew a little bit). I decided to first play one hand at $1.

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 1
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

I was dealt a 6 and a 5 for a total of 11 points. The dealer’s face up card was showing a 7.

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 2
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

Since I know 11 is low (the objective being to get 21 points or as close to 21 without going Bust), I chose the “Hit” option, because it made the most sense to me for this particular hand. The next card added to my hand was another 5, giving me a total of 16.

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 3
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

I chose to “Stand” at 16. The dealer’s second card was revealed to be a 9, for a total of 16 and a third card was drawn, taking the dealer’s total to 25 (dealer went Bust). I got lucky and won the very first game of online blackjack I ever tried. 😎

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 4
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

Feeling confident (and a little full of myself😝), for the second game, I decided to play all 5 available hands (at $1 each)…and I totally lost!😅 One hand went Bust and the others lost to the dealer’s 21.

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 5
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

I tried a third game, and that time I won all hands and the dealer went bust.

Online Blackjack - American Blackjack GVG - MGJ - Image 6
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

I continued to play single and multiple hands for a few more rounds (I couldn’t play too long as I had to get ready for May long weekend fun with family and friends!). I genuinely enjoyed the game as I got into the swing of things.  I admit, though, that I did have to eventually mute the choppy robo male/female voices that relay the actions in the game. While the graphics are just fine – the digi-voices could definitely be improved!.

Only after my brief experience I can see why people have a lot of fun playing online blackjack and how some serious money can be won (or lost). Whenever I finally decide to play this game for real money, I’ll have to give my budget some serious consideration if I want it to last as long as possible for blackjack.   

I’m Going to Continue with Online Blackjack For Now

Before I test the online baccarat waters, I’m going to stick with blackjack for now. I’m also going to continue trying the game for free, as well as investigate a blackjack strategy card, before I work up to risking real money.

And speaking of baccarat, I recently discovered that the “T” at the end of baccarat is silent when pronouncing the word…why have I never known this?? 🤣 🤣

My inability to pronounce baccarat aside, I’ll keep you posted with my online blackjack progress and let you know when I play it for real money and if I find that experience any different.

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

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