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Can you make a Paysafecard casino withdrawal? Yes, Apparently, It Is Possible

My Paysafecard Casino Withdrawal Experience - MGJ
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…but it wasn’t possible for me.

Ugh. You know when you think you’ll be able to do something without a problem and it turns out that couldn’t be any further from the truth? That was my experience attempting to cashout with paysafecard at PlayOJO Ontario*.

Now, you might be like, “Mia, that’s because you can’t withdraw to paysafecard.” Actually, it is possible. Even more annoying, it’s listed as an available withdrawal option for me. It’s also the method I’d prefer to use as paysafecard is also my preferred deposit method.

So, what gives? That’s exactly what I wanted to know when I emailed PlayOJO’s customer support. I’ll tell you all about that experience, as well as how it’s possible to make a paysafecard withdrawal in this post.

Paysafecard Casino Withdrawals

Firstly, to be able to withdraw to paysafecard, you’ll need to play at an Ontario online casino that offers paysafecard as a casino payment method.

You need a myPaysafe account

Screnshot of Setting up a personal myPaysafe account - Image source - Paysafecard.com - MGJ
Screnshot of Setting up a personal myPaysafe account – Images source – Paysafecard.com

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to enter any 16-digit paysafecard codes you purchase into your account. Though not an eWallet like PayPal, myPaysafe account allows you to make transactions with your balance.

myPaysafe Balance Screenshot - MGJ
myPaysafe Balance Screenshot

Once you have an account, you have the option to make a casino deposit directly from your myPaysafe account (which is what I now do), simply by entering your account email and password (see screenshot below).

Deposit using myPaysafe account - Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario - MGJ
Deposit using myPaysafe account – Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario

How to withdraw using Paysafecard

It’s a simple process (or at least it should be):

  • Head to the online casino cashier
  • Select “Withdraw”
  • Choose paysafecard from the options
  • Enter how much you wish to withdraw from your casino account
  • Double check, verify, and confirm this is the amount you wish to cash out
  • Login to your myPaysafe account to verify the transaction
  • Wait for the casino to process your request
  • Wait for the money to show up in your myPaysafe balance once the withdrawal has been cleared by the casino

Paysafecard withdrawal fees

Most casinos don’t charge fees when withdrawing to paysafecard. However, whether or not fees apply depends on the casino.

That said, there are supposedly no withdrawal fees when withdrawing using paysafecard from PlayOJO Ontario. However, since I wasn’t able to actually make a withdrawal via this payment method, I can’t personally verify this with certainty.

Paysafecard minimum withdrawal amount

While withdrawal minimums depend on the online casino’s rules, typically, there is no minimum withdrawal amount for paysafecard.

That said, it’s worth noting that although PlayOJO says there are no minimum withdrawal amounts for paysafecard on its site, this isn’t true (at least it wasn’t for PlayOJO Ontario when I tried withdrawing). If I attempted to withdraw anything less than $20, I was told the amount was too low (see screenshot below).

Paysafecard 10 dollar wiithdrawal below minimum amount - Screenshot PlayOJO Ontario - MGJ
Paysafecard 10 dollar wiithdrawal below minimum amount – Screenshot PlayOJO Ontario

So, in actuality, there is a minimum withdrawal limit for Paysafecard at this Ontario online casino, which is $20.00.

Paysafecard withdrawal processing time

So, as you already know, my paysafecard withdrawal experience was a total fail. Here’s what happened.

When I was ready to cash out, I went to the cashier, selected withdraw and saw that I had two withdrawal options: Paysafecard and Wire Transfer.

Paysafecard Casino Withdrawal Option - Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario - MGJ
Paysafecard Casino Withdrawal Option – Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario

Excited to see that paysafecard was there, I selected this option and was asked to enter the amount I wished to withdraw, which was $20.00. I then clicked “Submit”, and was then asked to “Confirm withdrawal”.

Paysafecard Withdrawal Confirmation Notice - Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario - MGJ
Paysafecard Withdrawal Confirmation Notice – Screenshot from PlayOJO Ontario

I did, and promptly received an error message that told me “Unfortunately, it was not possible to complete the payout due to a technical problem. Please try again at a later time. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.”

Paysafecard casino withdrawal error - Screenshot PlayOJO Ontario - MGJ
Paysafecard casino withdrawal error – Screenshot PlayOJO Ontario

I decided to try again immediately and received the same error. Since I wasn’t in a rush for the money (and I knew the issue wasn’t related to ID verification as I’d already successfully complete this process), I decided to try again a couple days later, because maybe PlayOJO was experiencing issues that would clear up.

The next time I tried, I received the same error message. So, I did a bit of experimenting and attempted to withdraw $10 (and that’s when I found out that there is a minimum amount for paysfecard withdrawals 🙄).  By now, I was getting annoyed, because I knew something wasn’t quite right. It also occurred to me at this point that it was weird that during the withdrawal request process, I wasn’t being asked to provide my login or password details for myPaysfe account…so how would they know where to send the money?

Totally confused, I reached out to the customer support team via email and included the screenshots above to show them what I was talking about (note: for this post I’ve underlined the number of times I referred to paysafecard in my email to demonstrate the number of times I mentioned the name of the payment method I was using to customer support):

Screenshot of my Paysafecard withdrawal question email - MGJ

They responded within a few hours and provided me with some info that might help to resolve the issue, including:

Screenshot of PlayOJO Customer Support email response - MGJ

Although I didn’t think any of the suggestions I was provided would resolve the issue, I did as I was instructed. As I’d thought, I continued to receive the error, and messaged them again, providing the same screenshots I did the first time around.

I re-explained the issues I was having withdrawing using paysafecard and stressed again if it might be possible the issue had to do with paysafecard simply not being an available option, despite being listed.

I received a similar response as the first, with a new person telling me that there were no restrictions preventing me from making a withdrawal. They then proceeded to provide me with the exact same troubleshoot instructions. I gotta say, I felt a little like smashing my head against a wall…because no one was addressing my questions that were directly related to withdrawing using PAYSAFECARD. AHHHHHH!🤯

I messaged again explaining the issue, and finally someone recommended I try using Wire Transfer, which I eventually did (and it worked), although even that person didn’t once answer my questions regarding paysafecard. 

Honestly, throughout the whole back-and-forth customer service process the responses were quick and each representative was very nice, but it blew my mind that not a single one of them ever addressed my paysafecard questions. No matter how many times I asked the support team about it, for some reason, they kept responding as if my queries had to do with there being a block on my account or my inability to access the withdrawal page.

The conclusion of my paysafecard withdrawal experience is this: Paysafecard is a withdrawal option for me at the casino where I prefer to play, but I can’t use it to make a withdrawal. Why? Goodness only knows.🤷‍♀️

Paysafecard Withdrawal FAQ

Can I make a casino withdrawal using Paysafecard?

You might be able to if you’re playing at a paysafecard casino, have deposited using paysafecard, and you have a myPaysafe account. However, not all Ontario online casinos support paysafecard withdrawals. If you are wondering if it’s a withdrawal option or have questions about it, get in touch with the casino’s support team.**

Are there Paysafecard withdrawal fees?

Typically, no. If there are fees, this will be made clear when you begin the withdrawal process.

What’s the difference between MyPaySafe and Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher with a 16-digit code that is used to pay for products or services. MyPaysafe is a free online account where you can combine and store your purchased paysafecard vouchers and use your login details to make online payments with your paysafecard balance.

What is the Paysafecard withdrawal processing time?

On average, its typically pretty quick and takes about a day or so (but processing times will vary from casino to casino).

Mia’s Final Thoughts

It should come as no surprise that I wasn’t impressed with my Paysafecard casino withdrawal experience at PlayOJO. As of the writing of this post (months after first requesting the withdrawal), it’s still listed as a withdrawal option, I still can’t use it, and I’ve still never received an answer to why that is. Whatever. 🤷‍♀️

As I mentioned, in the end, I gave up trying to withdraw using Paysafecard and currently withdraw my cash using the only other withdrawal payment available to me (when depositing with paysafecard) – Wire Transfer. Since this post is all about Paysafe withdrawals, I’ll save my detailed wire transfer withdrawal experience for another time (spoiler alert: It’s easy and faster than I expected).

Finally, I would like to add that beyond this odd Paysafecard casino withdrawal situation, I still enjoy playing at PlayOJO and have had no issues with the casino in terms of depositing, verifying my ID, or withdrawing (when using a method that’s actually available 😆).

So, what about you? Have you had success making a paysafecard withdrawal at a casino online? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

Mia 👩‍💻

*I’m not affiliated with PlayOJO or Paysafecard.

**Just because paysafecard is an available casino deposit option, this does not mean it will automatically be available as withdrawal option, or that it will work for you if it is.

***All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only.

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