Are There Winning Casino Strategies for Beginners with Tight Budgets?

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A couple weeks ago, I came across a winning casino strategies question on Quora that I thought would make a good post for my blog.

The question asked:

Winning Casino Strategies for Beginners with Tight Budgets

Are you new to the online casino scene and only have a small budget? Here’s what I think are the best winning casino online gaming strategies for newbies with limited funds.

Just remember, no win is ever guaranteed when gambling, regardless of the winning casino strategies you use.

Understand the budget you have to work with and how you plan to use it

This one seems like a no brainer, but you’d likely be surprised at how many of us don’t have a bankroll plan before we play.

Before playing, know the total amount of money you want to and can afford to spend at the casino for the month.  Next, decide how often you intend to gamble at the casino. Will it be once a month? Once every two weeks? Once a week? Daily? This will help you to manage your deposits. For instance, if your total online casino budget for the month is $50, and you intend to gamble more than once a month, you might want to split that $50 over multiple deposits instead of depositing it all at once.  

  1. It ensures that you don’t blow through your entire budget in one play session.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to claim more than one promotion a month, as many promos require you to make a deposit to get the perks (e.g. bonus or spins, etc.)

💡Tip – When creating your monthly gambling budget, make sure it includes all gambling you might spend on for that month (e.g., online/land-based casino(s), sports betting, poker, lotto tickets, scratch tickets, office pools, etc.). Once you know the total, you can then divide it up among your different gambling activities, putting more toward those activities you enjoy most.

Create limits

  • Deposits (size and frequency)
  • Bets (size)
  • Time (how long a playing session lasts)

The more aware you are of your experience as you play, the better you can keep track of your bankroll and make knowledge-based decisions. Depending on the game you play, these decisions could lead to a favourable outcome.

💡Tip – I’ve found that setting win and loss limits also help me to keep track of my bankroll as well as helps me avoid running it dry.

Play games with low bet limits

If you’ve got a small bankroll and you want to make it last, games with low bet limits are your friends. If you like playing slots, this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Many slots have low bet limits. Look for games that offer bets as low as $0.10 or less. Based on my own experience, most slots tend to fall in the $0.10 – $0.20 low bet range, though I have also seen those that are as low as $0.5.

GVG Online Blackjack Game - Win - MGJ
Screenshot of GVG American Blackjack

💡Tip – keep in mind that when you first load a game, it’s usually not on the lowest bet amount. I’ve made the mistake of playing automatically, assuming a slot was on the lowest bet, only to discover after a few spins that I was making $2 bets instead of $0.20! 😱 Make sure you check and set the bet amount you want before you play.

Play low, medium-low or medium volatility slots

Due to the greater risk factor associated with high volatility slots, they’re not the best for inexperienced players, especially those with limited funds. It’s better to stick with low volatlity, low-medium volatility, or medium volatility slots. Payouts might not be as large for these variances, but they occur more regularly. My personal favourite is low-medium volatility, which I find offers regular payouts and the occasional larger win.

Slot Volatility - Screenshot of Big Bass Bonanza Paytable - Pragmatic Play - MGJ
Screenshot of Big Bass Bonanza Paytable Showing slot volatility – Pragmatic Play

💡Tip – If you’re not sure where to find a slot’s volatility, it’s often listed in the paytable. If you’re still having no luck tracking it down, I find a simple online search of a game review or visiting the game provider’s site will help you find the answer quickly.

Play games with high RTP

The general rule when it comes to the best winning casino online strategies – whether you have limited funds or not – is to choose games with high RTP (Return to Player).

RTP is represented as a percentage and is a game’s theoretical return to players over its lifetime. In essence, the higher the RTP, the more frequent a game is likely to payout over the long term. Games with lower RTP usually payout less frequently but when they do payout, it’s usually much larger, which is why many progressive jackpot slots have lower RTPs.

Typically, slots with 96% RTP or higher are considered a good choice. As for table and card games, they’re all pretty decent in the RTP department. Blackjack is usually the best of the bunch, with the average game sporting RTPs of about 99.5% (with different variations having different RTPs, of course).

Avoid gamble and buy bonus features in slots

Another winning casino slots strategy I’ve learned is to avoid getting suckered into game features that seem like they’d provide you with a chance to win more. Examples include:

Screenshot of Pragmatic Play's Madame Destiny Megaways Slot - Buy Free Spins Feature Location - MGJ
Screenshot of Pragmatic Play’s Madame Destiny Megaways Slot – Buy Free Spins Feature Location

The reason to avoid them is simple. More often than not, you’ll end up losing more than you’ll get back.

💡Tip – I’ve learned it’s better to just take may chances sticking to the core game. Always remember, the casino doesn’t give away anything for free, especially a chance at higher payouts.

Claim no cost, low-cost and/or no-wagering promotions

To get the most bang for your buck, choose promotions like:

Freeroll Slots Tournamnet - Screenshot of PlayOJO Reel Spinoffs Tournaments - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Reel Spinoffs Tournaments

*While no-wagering and mixed wagering promotions typically require you to make a deposit first, the good news is that many casino promotions have minimum deposit requirements as low as $10. Even a player with limited funds should be able to swing this once or twice a month, considering the average online casino’s minimum deposit limit without a promo is around $10 anyhow.

Play the games you enjoy

Winning Casino Strategies - Screenshot of Money Train 4 from PlayOJO
Screenshot of Money Train 4 from PlayOJO

Play at a casino with games and restrictions that fit your budget

With all the above winning strategies in mind, the final one is to be choosy about where you play. Not all online casinos – including the legitimate ones – are created equally. Every casino operator functions with its own set of rules and policies. They also aren’t always partnered with the same game providers, which means that there may be different slots and casino games (types and quantity) available from one to the other.

  • Provides the types of games you like to play
  • Has games with low bet limits
  • Has games with high RTP
  • Has a low minimum deposit amount (e.g. $10 or less)
  • Has no or very low deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Offers promotions with no or mixed wagering requirements

Ultimately, the less the casino takes in terms of fees, wagering requirements, and the lower bet options it provides, the more of your bankroll you’ll be able to use to play on your favourite games.

Mia’s Final Thought on Beginner Winning Casino Strategies

It’s important to remember that the key word in “winning casino strategies” is strategies. Strategies are about employing clever tactics, but strategies do not guarantee wins. No gambling strategy is a foolproof plan. They’re fun to employ and can be helpful, but you won’t win all the time even if you use them without fail (I know, bummer, right? 😜). Even gambling pros who come up with the best tricks to winning at casino games, don’t win all the time.

The strategies I’ve provided are based on logic and can help you extend the life of your limited bankroll. Putting them to use won’t necessarily lead to a winning streak or a big win. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking gambling is a way to make money. It’s not. Ultimately – like all entertainment – gambling is about having a good time. Using winning strategies and sticking to them isn’t as much about winning as they are about putting you in control of how you play.

Do you have any winning casino strategies for beginners you’d like to share? If so, please leave your suggestions in the comments. 😁

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

Mia 👩‍💻

*All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only. I am not affiliated with PlayOJO.

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