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It’s not as hard or as long as I thought it would be.

When I first investigated the different types of online casino withdrawal methods available in Ontario, I discovered wire transfer was an option. Though not my first choice, it is currently the method I use to cashout at PlayOJO*, where I play. And, honestly, I’m perfectly happy with it.

Why wasn’t it my first choice? Initially, I didn’t feel comfortable using it. It’s why I picked paysafecard as my deposit method. I liked that with paysafecard I didn’t have to provide the casino with any of my bank details. However, as time went on (and I discovered wire transfer would be the only way for me to make a withdrawal if I wanted to deposit with paysafecard), I gave myself a bit of a reality check.

Long preamble done, what is my wire transfer withdrawal experience like? I’ll tell you in this post, as well as provide a little more info about this online casino withdrawal method.

Wire Transfer Casino Withdrawals

What is a casino wire transfer? If you’re unfamiliar with this online casino payment method (also known as an electronic funds transfer – EFT), it’s a secure electronic money transfer sent from the casino directly to your bank account. The sender (the casino) provides all instructions for the transfer. This includes the recipient’s (your) name, bank account number, amount, etc. This is information that is provided by you to the casino during the withdrawal request (which I’ll explain how to do later).

At first, you might think a wire transfer sounds like a bank transfer, as both are electronic payments involving banks, but I discovered that there is a fundamental difference between the two:

  • Wire Transfer – An electronic payment where banks act as intermediaries between the sender and the recipient and the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system is used to carry out the transaction.
  • Bank transfer – An electronic payment from one bank directly to another via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfers. The ACH network is a collection of financial institutions and banks that transfer funds between banks, with direct payments and direct deposits being the two specific types of ACH payments.

Ultimately, wire transfer is a reliable and easy way for businesses to transfer funds domestically or internationally. This is why it’s often available as a casino withdrawal method for Canadians no matter where they play – at a locally regulated online casino or an offshore online casino.

Thought I was initially worried that making a bank wire transfer casino withdrawal would be complex and it would take forever for me to get my money, that hasn’t been the case at all, not the first time I did it or after.

If you’re wondering how to make a wire transfer casino withdrawal, here’s what you need to know.

How to withdraw using Wire Transfer

It’s a straightforward process (at least it was in my experience).

  • Head to the online casino cashier
  • Select “Withdraw”
  • Choose Wire Transfer from the options
  • Enter how much you wish to withdraw from your casino account
  • Provide all the requested details to complete the wire transfer (e.g. name, bank account number, SWIFT code, etc.)
  • Double check, verify, and confirm this is the amount you wish to cash out
  • Wait for the casino to process your request
  • Wait for the money to show up in your bank account once the withdrawal has been cleared by the casino

Screenshot of Wire Transfer Withdraw PlayOJO - MGJ
Screenshot of Wire Transfer Withdrawal PlayOJO

What you need

To be able to use wire transfer to cashout, you will need a bank account because the money can only be sent to a bank via this method.  That said, unlike using bank transfer to make a withdrawal, you won’t need to have first deposited using wire transfer to use it as a withdrawal method. Wire transfer is often an available cashout option, regardless of the payment method you chose for deposit.

To complete the wire transfer withdrawal request, you’ll need to provide info, including:

  • The amount you wish to withdraw
  • Currency
  • Your name
  • The name of your bank
  • Bank account number (the 7-digit number for the account where you want the money sent)
  • SWIFT/BIC code (the SWIFT code that specifically identifies your bank)
  • Bank Code (the 3-digit institution number that identifies your bank)
  • Bank transit number (the 5-digit number that identifies your specific bank branch)

Screenshot of Wire Transfer Withdraw PlayOJO Form - MGJ
Screenshot of Wire Transfer Withdrawal PlayOJO Form

This might sound complicated, but you can easily find the SWIFT and bank code information from your bank’s website or a quick online search. For instance, using TD (The Toronto-Dominion Bank) as an example, TD’s bank code is 004 and its SWIFT code is TDOMCATT. For your bank account number and bank transit number, these can be easily found by logging into your bank account. In Canada, a bank account number is typically made up of 12 digits. The first 5 digits of the account number is the bank branch’s transit number (the specific branch where you set up the account). The 7 digits that follow are what identify your specific account number. An even easier way to get this info (with the exception of the SWIFT code) is to sign into your bank account and access the info you would need to set up a direct deposit or create a void cheque.

Are there fees?

Sometimes there are fees and sometimes there are not. It all depends on the online casino and your bank. In my experience, there is no fee (I’ll share more on that when talking about my personal experience). However, from what I’ve read, sometimes there may be a low minimal flat fee, while other times fees be higher and based on a percentage of the amount being wired. Also, both the casino and the bank may charge a fee for the service. In any case, if there is a fee associated with your wire transfer withdrawal, you’ll be informed of it when making your withdrawal request.

Is there a minimum amount?

How long does it take?

  • You have not satisfied the online casino’s ID verification requirements.
  • You entered incorrect information during the withdrawal request.
  • The casino has a long payment pending processes.
  • The bank is slow to receive and accept the transfer.

Usually, as long as there are no hiccups along the way, the EFT should be processed and in your account within 3 – 4 days.

My Personal Wire Transfer Withdrawal Experience

The wire transfer withdrawal story that I’m sharing in detail here is about my first wire transfer cashout experience at PlayOJO Ontario.

The first time I made a wire transfer withdrawal (about a year ago now), I headed to my account, clicked “withdraw” chose “Wire Transfer”, filled out the details in the form (image included above), clicked “submit” and, voilà!  I received a message that my withdrawal request had been sent to the crew for processing.

Screenshot of PlayOJO Wire Transfer Withdrawal Confirmation Success - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Wire Transfer Withdrawal Confirmation Success

While the withdrawal was being processed, I learned that I could still play at the casino with any money I had remaining in my player account. However, I did not have the option to make a deposit, which makes sense, since my withdrawal request was still pending. The option I had instead, if I wanted more money back in my account, was to reverse the withdrawal (cancel it). Obviously, wanting to see how long it would take for me to get my money, I didn’t do that.

Screenshot of PlayOJO Wire Transfer Withdrawal Pending - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Wire Transfer Withdrawal Pending

From that point on, I waited for my money to clear.

Was there a minimum withdrawal amount?

The wire transfer withdrawal option listed on PlayOJO states that there is no minimum withdrawal amount. For my first withdrawal, I cashed out $20 without an issue. I haven’t withdrawn anything less than that, so I genuinely don’t know if there is a minimum withdrawal amount for wire transfer at PlayOJO. However, since there is a $10 minimum for paysafecard (even though that option also states that there is no minimum amount), it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a minimum amount for this payment option as well. If I come across restrictions in the future, I’ll let you know.

Did I pay a fee?

No. Where I play, I can make a wire transfer without fee, meaning I’m not charged to use the service. It’s free for me to use.** I don’t know if that’s because I’m an Ontarian playing at an Ontario online casino or if it’s because of my bank. That said, if I had to guess, perhaps there is no fee maybe due to it being a domestic transfer or because the amount I withdrew was high enough not to incur a fee?🤷‍♀️ (…if you happen to know the reason, please share!)

How quickly did I get my money?

The very first wire transfer withdrawal I made took 3 business days (4 days in total) to process.  

  • I made it on a Saturday morning.
  • PlayOJO notified me via email early the following (Sunday) morning that my withdrawal had been processed and my funds were on their way.
  • The money was in my bank account by Wednesday afternoon.

PlayOJO Withdrawal Processing - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Logo

Since this first withdrawal, all my wire transfer withdrawals have processed in 3 business days, give or take.

I know that not everyone wants to wait 3 days to get their money, but I don’t personally mind. Mostly I just care that the process is secure, and I receive my money.

Ever since that first time I made a casino wire transfer withdrawal – unlike my paysafecard withdrawal experience – the process at PlayOJO has been quick and easy.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal FAQ

How do I make a casino withdrawal using Wire Transfer?

It’s a simple process. You head to the online casino cashier, select Wire Transfer, enter the amount you wish to deposit, fill out the requested details, and submit your request.

Is it safe to use Wire Transfer at an online casino?

Are there Wire Transfer withdrawal fees?

There might be. No two online casinos or banks operate equally. As such, certain online casinos and/or banks may charge a fee to use this service, especially if the money is being sent internationally or is below or above a certain amount. If your withdrawal is subject to fees, you will be informed of the amount when you make the withdrawal request. If there is a charge, on average, wire transfer fees are typically a flat fee and are known for being lower than other payment methods (although this is not always the case).

What is Wire Transfer?

Also called an electronic funds transfer (EFT), it is a secure electronic money transfer sent from one bank account to another. The sender pays for the transaction and their bank sends a message via a secure system (the SWIFT system) to the recipient’s bank. The message includes details of the sender, the recipient, and the transfer amount. Wire transfers can be sent domestically and internationally.

What is the Wire Transfer withdrawal processing time?

Processing times vary from one casino to the next and one bank to the next. That said, on average, the entire process takes between 3 – 7 business days, including from the time the casino processes the withdrawal request and releases the money to when it arrives in your bank account.

So, what about you? Have you made a wire transfer withdrawal at a casino online? Did you find it easy like I did? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

Mia 👩‍💻

*I’m not affiliated with PlayOJO.

**Not all online casinos operate the same. Some casinos offering wire transfer as a withdrawal method may charge a fee to use the service. They may also have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits related to this cashout method.

***All links and images in this post are for informational purposes only.

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