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I often wonder if this type of program is for me.

I know a lot of players pick and join specific online casinos based on the casino VIP rewards that the brands offer. In fact, I have a friend who would definitely be slotted into this category of player; she only plays at casinos with VIP programs.

Why haven’t I jumped on the VIP casino rewards bandwagon yet?

Okay, let’s be real, the reality is that to unlock casino VIP online or land-based rewards, you need to play a lot, which means spending a lot.

Where I play, if I want to become a casino VIP, I need to increase my playing activity. The managers of the casino regularly review the playing activity of players and if they think that you qualify for the additional casino VIP rewards, you’ll get an invitation to join the club. That sort of casino VIP system doesn’t work for everyone (like my friend), but it makes sense to me.

Casino VIP Rewards - Piggy Bank - MGJ

I might be on the fence about casino VIP systems, but I have done my homework about the different types and how they work. 😂

All that said, here’s the short answer to “why haven’t I jumped on the casino VIP rewards bandwagon yet?” – I don’t have a VIP budget.

Is it worth it to pay more to get casino VIP rewards?

My guess is that it is likely worth it if you can afford it and you’re interested in it, in the same way that paying more for superior services and features are for other experiences (e.g. upgraded hotel room, streaming service without ads, etc.).

Clearly, there are lots of cool perks (and exclusive perks, too!) for VIPs. For instance, where I play, VIPs (or “A-Listers” as PlayOJO calls them) are eligible for lots of rewards as you can see in the screenshot below.

Casino VIP Rewards - Screenshot of PlayOJO A-Lister Benefits - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO A-Lister Benefits

There’s no denying that getting extra rewards, like exclusive promotions, gaining access to special competitions, the chance to win luxury gifts, and having higher withdrawal limits and faster withdrawals would be awesome. However, do I personally want to drop hundreds of dollars on a regular basis just to get a dedicated VIP manager and exclusive perks? At this time, I can confidently say, nope.

But are casino VIP rewards worth it? Only you can answer that for yourself, based on your budget and the type of experience you want. For me, it’s not. Presently, I’m completely satisfied playing at my own pace and claiming promotions open to all players, regardless of their status.

…of course, this doesn’t mean that I won’t change my tune in the future. 😆

What about you? Are you a VIP player? Or are you thinking about becoming one? If you are a VIP, do the casino VIP rewards you receive meet your expectations and satisfaction?

Until next time, good luck and have fun!

Mia 👩‍💻

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