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Want to play your favourite casino games on mobile? You’re not alone.

Admittedly, though I’ve experienced it on multiple occasion, I’m not the biggest fan of mobile casino play. Also, admittedly, I get that I’m likely in the minority in terms of my online casino playing (desktop) preference. The reality is that more and more players around the world have been – and continue to be – turning to their mobile devices to satisfy their entertainment desires.  Let’s face it, when it comes to quick convenience nowadays, very little outshines mobile.

Since that’s the case, more online casinos are catering to mobile players, ensuring that the games they provide, the casino bonuses they offer, and the overall experience delivered is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Casino Tips for Ontario iGaming

Make sure your phone can handle a mobile casino experience

If your preferred way to play is mobile, make sure that your phone can handle the experience. While you shouldn’t run into any performance issues with today’s mid-range and higher-end phones, if you own a basic/entry-level device or an ancient one, the lower hardware and software specifications might not meet the requirements needed for the games to run optimally. In essence, if your device doesn’t have a powerful processor it will struggles to run mobile casino games.

Make sure the game(s) you want to play are available on mobile

Most games that you can play on desktop at todays online casino (especially newer casinos) are available on mobile as well. However, it’s important never to assume that every game will be available. In some cases, certain games, such as casino table games, are not compatible with mobile due to the device’s limited screen space.

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This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play a game of blackjack or roulette on your phone, but it could mean that you won’t be able to play a specific game from a specific provider. Not all developers offer mobile versions of their games.

Check if the game you want to play is better on mobile or desktop

If you have the option, trying the games you want to play on both platforms is a great way to find out which experience is best for you. You might find that you like one experience better than the other, or you might find that you like certain games better on specific devices (e.g. playing slots on mobile but playing live casino games on desktop).

Pretty much any game developed with HTML5 (a markup language for producing and displaying content for the Internet) is compatible with mobile as this technology focuses on cross-platform experiences. It helped to revolutionize the iGaming world in 2015, allowing casinos (and game developers) to break away from the more restricted and clunky Adobe Flash, which didn’t make for a mobile-friendly experience. The good news is if you want to play slots and casino games released in the past five years (at least), they should run smoothly on mobile and deliver an optimal user-friendly experience without cutting off parts of the game or sacrificing features.

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Use a secure and reliable Wi-Fi or internet connection

Make sure whatever connection you’re using is fully secure and encrypted. If you’re playing real money games, or making deposits or withdrawals, avoid playing on public Wi-Fi networks. The last thing you want is for your private information to fall into the wrong hands.

Likewise, a stable internet connection is a must if you want to enjoy the best mobile casino experience. Without a stable connection, games can lag or disconnect intermittently or entirely, which is massively frustrating.

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Make use of your device’s “do not disturb” feature

Unless you’re fine with your game being interrupted by texts, phone calls, and other notifications, one of the best mobile casino tips I’ve learned is to activate my phone’s Do Not Disturb feature. Limiting the number of interruptions while you play makes for a better gaming experience. Plus, if you’re betting with real money, it’s probbly best if your focus is on the game.

Try out the app and the website

Many of today’s online casinos – especially the popular ones – offer dedicated mobile apps in addition to their instant play/no-download web-based experience. If mobile is your preferred way to play, its worth investigating both options (when available) to see which one delivers the better experience.

When investigating the web-based version, make sure the site’s design is properly optimized for your device, with easy navigation and a responsive UI.

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When checking out the mobile casino app, make sure it is available from a legitimate app store and has been specifically designed for your device’s operating system – App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once downloaded (it should be free to download), test out the functions. It should run smoothly without glitches or crashing. Also, be sure to investigate what game options are available. It’s common for there to be less games offered via the mobile app than what can be accessed directly via the web. Additionally, remember that if you do download the app, this will take up space on your phone.

The good news is that if you’re undecided or you like both the app and the site, you can always use both versions offered by a casino. After all, you should only need to register one account to use the app or play via your web browser whenever you want. The login and password you create should work for both.

Some games have a “battery saver” feature

Did you know that some casino games have settings that can save battery life? This is a recent discovery I made not too long ago when I was playing Pragmatic’s slot Candy Jar Clusters. In Pragmatic’s games, the setting is called “Battery Saver” and if you turn it on, it will reduce animation speed to conserve the battery life of your device. I’ve included a screenshot of the Candy Jar Cluster’s demo I played below so you can see what the setting looks like.

Screenshot of Candy Jar Cluster Slot Settings - Pragmatic Play - MGJ
Screenshot of Candy Jar Cluster slot settings – Pragmatic Play

While I’m sure other game providers offer similar setting controls, to be honest, I haven’t yet investigated this so I couldn’t tell you what other providers specifically offer. I’d recommend simply checking the settings of the games you play if this type of feature would be of use to you.

Play responsibly

It doesn’t matter where you gamble, when you gamble or on what device you choose to gamble – always have limits in place. Having limits and respecting those limits are how we stay in control of our gambling. You can set play time limits, deposit limits, bet limits, win limits, lose limits, etc. Having limits in place help to ensure that you don’t lose track of the time or gamble more money than you want and/or have to spend.

Play at a mobile casino that encourages responsible gaming and gives you the option to set these types of limits for your account. This way, they’re always in place when you login and play.

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Play at a legitimate mobile casino

Choose an online casino that not only offers a quality mobile gaming experience, but that is legitimate and will protect you. It’s all well and good if a casino advertises it has great mobile games and bonuses, but if it can’t back up this experience with top-of-the-line security, reliable customer service, and responsible gambling practices, it’s not worth the risk playing there.

When searching for a reputable mobile casino in Ontario ask yourself:

Mobile Casino Tips Sumup  

➡️Make sure your phone can optimally run casino games
➡️Make sure the game(s) you want to play are available on mobile
➡️Check if the game(s) experience is better on mobile or desktop
➡️Use a reliable and secure Wi-Fi/Internet connection
➡️Use your device’s “do not disturb” feature
➡️Try out the app (if available) and the website
➡️Explore game settings that might be useful (e.g. battery saver feature)
➡️Set limits and play responsibly
➡️Play at a legit casino that’s secure, offers what you want, and has good customer support

Are there any mobile casino tips you’d like to share based on your own playing experiences? Comment below!

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

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