Ontario Online Casino New Player Assumptions: The Five I Got Wrong

5 Assumptions I Got Wrong as a Beginner Ontario Online Casino Player - MGJ
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I’ve come a long way in my iGaming journey.

I’ve learned a lot since first starting my Ontario online casino journey back in January 2023 (I can’t believe it’s almost been a year 😮).  Some of the things I learned didn’t come as much of a surprise, but other things were not at all what I was expecting.

This post is all about the main assumptions I made before and at the start of my Ontario online casino journey that I got wrong. Maybe what I’ve learned will be of value to you, too.

Five assumptions I made as a new Ontario online casino player that I got wrong

1 – I thought I’d be able to play any game

Assumption: If a game exists in the online casino industry, then I’ll able to play it in Ontario.

Fact: Every jurisdiction has its own regulations. Whether or not you can play a certain casino game in Ontario typically depends on two factors:

2 – I thought all games I could play were the same everywhere they’re offered in Canada

Assumption: If a player somewhere else in Canada can play the same online slot I can play in Ontario, the experience is the same.

Screenshot of Ninja Master - GVG - MGJ
Ninja Master Slot Screenshot – GVG

In Ontario, this feature and others that potentially encourage a player to gamble with less control, are prohibited. Another example of a common slot feature not allowed in a legal Ontario online casino is the autoplay/auto spin feature, where you can program the game to spin a consecutive number of times at a set bet amount.

3 – I thought I’d be able to use PayPal at any Ontario online casino

Assumption: I have a PayPal account, and I heard that online casinos accept this as a payment method, so I’m sure I’ll be able to use it in Ontario.

Ontario Online Casino Payment method - PayPal Logo on Mobile Phone - Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash - MGJ
Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash

4 – I thought I’d be able to deposit any amount

Assumption: If I want to deposit as little as $5 or as much as $1,000, I can.

Fact: Online casinos have minimum deposit limits. While they can differ from one casino to the next, it’s not uncommon for the minimum amount to be $10. What’s more, it’s equally not uncommon for certain payment methods to have fees. 

Screenshot of PlayOJO Ontario Deposit Methods - MGJ
Screenshot of PlayOJO Ontario Deposit Methods

Screenshot of PlayOJO Ontario - Paysafecard Deposit Method - MGJ
Screenshot of Paysafecard Deposit Method at PlayOJO Ontario

5 – I thought I wouldn’t chase my losses  

Assumption: If I hit a losing streak, I’ll call it quits so I don’t deplete my entire bankroll.

Sweet Alchemy - Play'n GO - Screenshot of base game - MGJ
Screenshot of Play’n GO’s Sweet Alchemy online slot

I suspect I’ll be further enlightened as my Ontario online casino journey continues.

It’s surprising how easy it is to make the mistake of thinking that you’ll know how something will be without question or proof, isn’t it? Worse still, making assumptions is a mistake that continues to happen, even when we think we’ve learned from it.

For now, at least, I feel like when it comes to my experience as an Ontario online casino player, I’m making the effort to investigate the facts first and paying closer attention to my gambling habits.

What about you? Was there something you assumed about playing at online casinos that you found out wasn’t true?

Until next time, good luck and have fun.

Mia 👩‍💻

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